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Our Mission

Blindness that could have been prevented is a global tragedy. An estimated 80 percent of the world’s cases of blindness are due to preventable conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, infection and ocular complications of diabetes. Treatment for these conditions is readily available in the United States and other western countries but remains beyond the reach of many people living in the developing world. This is where IRIS, thanks to the generosity of its donors, seeks to fulfill its mission.

How IRIS Fulfills Its Mission

Sends books, CDs, DVDs and journals to educate native medical workers about the latest techniques and procedures.
Visits sites and teaches local providers about new technology and surgical methods.
Holds conferences and seminars to alert medical professionals to the ocular needs of people living in the developing world.
Provides funding for educational advancement of native health-care workers.
Donates high-tech operating room microscopes, diagnostic equipment and lasers to enable safe, efficient treatment of cataracts, glaucoma, ocular complications of diabetes and other serious eye disorders.
Delivers surgical and medical supplies to operating rooms and clinics in developing world facilities.
Dispenses medications to treat non-surgical ocular diseases.
Promotes public efforts in the United States and abroad to support governmental and private endeavors to prevent blindness globally.
Inspires western eye-care providers and other medical professionals to participate in medical missions.
Works side-by-side with native health-care providers as professional colleagues.
Reminds local medical personnel, who often work long hours for little pay, that they are not forgotten and that we will continue to support them in the effort to end blindness.

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