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Where does my money go?
IRIS uses donations primarily to purchase vitally needed medical equipment, surgical supplies and medications for impoverished rural clinics in Africa. In addition, IRIS supports educational activities both overseas and here at home. In Africa, IRIS provides literature and on-site teaching for native health-care providers so they may learn about the latest ideas and methods for treating ocular disease. Here in the United States, IRIS supports educational opportunities for medical professionals to learn about the vast problem of preventable blindness in the developing world and to encourage these professionals to get involved.

What percentage of my donation goes to patients in need?
One-hundred percent. Your entire donation will be applied to the purchase of equipment, supplies and medication for overseas clinics and/or educational activities aimed at ending preventable blindness in the developing world. The IRIS Board of Directors covers all administrative costs.

Why does IRIS work exclusively with African eye clinics?
At this time, IRIS supports several medical facilities in Africa, primarily in the Republic of Cameroon, However, as it grows in coming years, IRIS hopes to work with other clinics and hospitals throughout the world.

How does IRIS ensure that the medical equipment purchased is being used properly?
Regular on-site visits ensure that medical equipment is being used and maintained appropriately. In addition, visits to overseas clinics ensure that we are addressing the needs of our colleagues in the developing world.

How can I make a donation?
Click here, or mail a check payable to IRIS to:

626 Berkmar Circle
Charlottesville, VA 22901-1464

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